Camera-Ready Submission Guidelines for Position Papers at IT Revolutions 2008


All accepted "position papers" will be published in the Lecture Notes of ICST (LNICST) series in cooperation with Springer and will be available on-line through Springer Link.

Camera-Ready Papers in ASSYST

For uploading your Camera Ready Paper you need to register to the conference. Upon registration you will receive an activation code that you will need to insert when you are processing your upload.

After this you can start to upload your paper. Please, follow the below instructions:

  1. Camera-Ready papers should be uploaded into the ICST Paper Management System: ASSYST.
  2. On the main page please, select Camera Ready.
  3. You can use your password you have received in the Acceptance notification e-mail.
  4. Once logged in please, go to "My Profile" in the main menu and fill out all the mandatory fields of your data. Without doing this the system cannot show you as author next to your paper and will not list you in the author's list.
  5. After filling all the fields in my settings please, click on SAVE.
  6. Now, go to "Conferences" menu, and then to "Select Conference". Please, IT Revolutions from the list.
  7. Click on "Manage my Papers" in the top menu list.
  8. In this menu you can upload you camera ready paper under "Upload".
  9. Before uploading your paper you have to fill the two preconditions:

    • I. Registration
      • After you have registered successfully to the conference you have to receive an activation code via e-mail. In case you do not receive that, please, contact your conference coordinator who will supply you with the code.
      • You need to copy paste this code into the check box
      • Click on Activate

  10. Next step is to fill out the data of your paper (Title, Abstract and Keywords). Click on NEXT.
  11. On the next page please, add all the co-authors of your paper by clicking on Add Additional Authors.

    • Please, note that the system will generate the list of the co-authors of your paper in the order you fill them here.
      When you have added all the co-authors, please, click on NEXT.

    • II. Copyright

      If you work for the Canadian NRC and this way are not authorized to sign our copyright form please, see the instructions under Publications, NRC instructions.

      With any further questions please, contact the ICST Publications Manger

      • ASSYST will generate the Copyright agreement from the data you have filled in the previous steps.
      • Please, check your data carefully and in case there are any discrepancies go back and edit the data of your settings or your paper.
      • When everything is correct read the terms of the copyright agreement.
        • Please, do not forget to scroll down the text in the text-box before you click on "I Agree".
        • You can also print the text by clicking on "Print" button.
      • In the pop-up window you have to confirm your agreement by choosing: "I confirm that I agree with the terms".
      • After confirming your agreement you will receive an e-mail confirmation from ICST with a pdf copy of your electronically agreed copyright form. This is the document you should keep for further references.

    • NOTE: Please, note that any time you modify your paper you have to go through the copyright procedure and agree with it in order to have the copyright agreed with the latest data of the paper.

  12. After completing the copyright you can upload your camera ready paper.

    • IMPORTANT!!! LNICST Author’s Kit requires not only the .pdf version of your camera ready paper but also the source file you have prepared your paper in (Word or LaTeX). To upload all these forms, please, do the following:
      • Create the required files (word or LaTeX plus the .pdf)
      • Zip these files together
      • Upload this .zip file as your camera ready paper
    • NOTE: In case you do not upload your camera ready paper in the required format(s) your paper will neither appear on the proceedings CD nor in the digital library.

  13. If you need any further modification of your paper you can do it until the deadline of Camera Ready Upload under the menu: "View my Papers".
    • Please, do not forget to accept the copyright term each time you modify your paper!

Format Instructions


Regular papers and invited papers are allowed up to 16 pages, and 16 pages for work-in-progress papers, including all figures, tables and references. Extra pages will incur additional charges. More information can be found on the Registration form, where the payment for these would be made.